International trade essay conclusion

International trade essay conclusion

The most important task of strategic management is to establish and maintain a dynamic interaction of the organization with its environment, designed to provide international trade essay conclusion with a competitive advantage, which is achieved by providing a product to the customer. Therefore, marketing objective occupies the position of one of the leading strategic management functions.

For a number of organizations, depending on what goals they pursue and what strategy they implement, marketing is a key feature to ensure their successful operation. Therefore, marketing becomes something more than just a separate function of management. Marketing is increasingly used all areas of business activity of the company. Thus, marketing plays a special role in the strategic management, significantly beyond the scope of functions of sales and demand analysis. Today, setting new ambitious goals, every company faces many problems inherent to the market economy. The real problem of doing business has become the problem of finding effective demand.

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It is not enough to only produce goods, it is necessary to organize the work in such a way to make a profit from the sale of this product. The principal feature of marketing research, distinguishing it from the collection and analysis of internal and external current information, is its target aim to solve a particular problem or set of problems of marketing. Each company determines the topics and scope of marketing research according to its capabilities and needs in marketing information, so the types of marketing research conducted by various companies can be different. On the first stage of international market research, a company should study the broadest possible segment, that is the world market of the product. Local and international marketing research are very similar, as they have almost the same goals and objectives, as well as methods of conducting research.

Both types of studies provide a comprehensive study examining objects such as the market, consumers, and competitors. Defining a problem, objectives and methods. Interpretation of the results and giving them to the management of organization. This may also include the availability of market information, organization of statistics, work of customs and tax authorities. Social culture of the country should also be a subject of international marketing research. Local marketing research does not include these questions.