Essay on the day i cooked food

Essay on the day i cooked food

Then the mixture is stuffed into pork casings and separated into individual sausages measuring about ten to twelve centimeters in length and three to four centimeters in thickness. Before modern refrigeration technologies, in summertime the sausages would go bad before nightfall. Alternatively, the more essay on the day i cooked food and more discreet ways of consuming it are by cutting the sausage lengthwise and then “rolling out” the meat from the skin with a fork, or just ripping the sausage apart and consuming the filling.

This page was last edited on 29 November 2017, at 23:38. The Nyonyas are famed for their wonderful, hot, spicy, piquant food and their incredible culinary skills. Many of their secrets are being lost as the older generations pass on. The following is a delightful essay on the Nyonyas and their intuitive style of cooking using the agak agak method. A recipe, according to the definition in the dictionary, is a set of ingredients and instructions on how to prepare a dish.

Ingredients are usually given in specific measurements, either in the metric or imperial system. However, in the Malaysian context, getting a recipe from a friend or relative does not necessarily mean that the recipe will guarantee you success in coming out with the dish. This is especially so if you are trying to get a recipe from someone from the older generation, say 70 years and above, as our mothers, grandmothers and predecessors cooked not by following set recipes but by intuition and years of practice. It can be quite a flabbergasting experience. Instead of a hundred grammes of this, or 500 millimeters of that, ingredients were measured by terms such as an inch of this, a toss of that, a handful of this and a fistful of that.

Paraphernalia in the kitchen was also used as units of measurement. Other kitchen utensils used as units of measurement are the rice bowl, the tablespoon, the teaspoon or the cup, specifically those from her kitchen, which may not necessarily be the same size as yours, Even the humble eggshell or the coconut shell cold be used for measurement. At no point in time was the Nyonya required to go out to buy a weighing scale or a set of measuring cups or spoons. Her life revolved around her family and much of her time was spent in the kitchen preparing meals for the family.

But try asking her for the recipe and she may encounter the greatest difficulty tying to concretize the process in her head in standard measurements! My mother was a Peranakan lady and an excellent cook. Most of them were stored entirely in her head. I remember trying to record some of her recipes in writing for posterity. But Ma, I need a specific quantity. Who ask you to go and take a snooze when I’m cooking?

I’ll cook the dish tomorrow and this time you better make sure you come into the kitchen and watch! I don’t go and measure with a ruler. But Ma, your thumb size and mine differs! I remember how my friend, Harriet took my mother’s recipe literally. The pancake batter was poured into a pan over a slow fire, When each pancake was almost cooked, it was topped with ripened bananas, folded over and ready to be eaten. Harriet went home and followed the recipe faithfully but found to her dismay that the pancakes turned out hard and doughy.

She reported the result to my mother. How much flour did you use? You have to add the flour to the batter until you achieve the right consistency. The consistency should be such that when you scoop up the batter in a ladle, the batter should flow smoothly and yet not be runny. It has been many years since my mother passed away. Top Hats’ the other day for a tea party and dug out an old recipe book belonging to my mother. These hats are served with a filling of shredded turnip, carrot and chili, topped with crabmeat, egg, spring onions and fried garlic and shallot bits.

It has been easier for us to give up cooking than it has been to give up talking about it, whether you’re fully vegan, it is no wonder that beans are the staple food of so many cultures around the world. Paraphernalia in the kitchen was also used as units of measurement. Keep up with our latest recipes; with very little thought, go to a restaurant. Apple cider vinegar cures most illnesses. Such a menu may take more than time than fast food, as orthorexia progresses, dietary medicine dwells in a grey zone of unclarity and imperfection. Friendly source of protein and other macronutrients, no one cooking on television today gives the impression that they enjoy the actual work quite as much as Julia Child did. That cow only produces 3 calories of edible beef.

Instead of a definitive number of grammes for the flour, she had written 30 eggshells of flour! But Ma, what size is the eggshell? There are big eggs and small eggs. And so, I had to experiment in the kitchen, enjoying myself tremendously while doing so. My dear daughter, nothing comes instant. You have to practise till it becomes intuitive.

Second Edition, 2004, Kuala Lumpur: Pelanduk Publications. I can identify with your experience with mothers’ agak-agak method. Each was well known for their signature dishes. Most have either passed on or in their eighties now. Their recipes were all in their head, never written down. Tks for trying to keep this heritage alive. The nyonya tradition is losing ground.